A couple years before, playing as a MidWest Rebel.

 Randy and Troy performing with Dustin Evans and Good Times at Thirsty's in Mitchell, SD.

 The Randy Burghardt Band Performing at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron.

 Performing as a whole group during the Colgate Country Showdown for KJAM out of Madison, SD.


 Randy and Dustin Evans

 Randy performing for Territorial Days in Fedora, SD

 Territorial Days!

 Randy being jumpy about something, not sure what tho.

 Dustin Evans and Good Times

 Dustin Evans and Good Times


 Randy and Troy trying to figure out something.

 Band jamming at the park in Brookings, SD

 Randy performing for the Spirit of the West Festival in Sioux Falls, SD


 Randy performing on the Freedom Stage at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron

 Randy, Troy, and Katy Milton performing for Crazy Dayz in Brookings, SD

 Randy broke his leg a week before, now he has to sit.

 Nice boot!

 Randy Performing in Howard, SD with a band out of Howard

 Howard, SD

 Howard, SD

 Howard, SD

 Howard, SD

 At Mike's in Brookings, SD

 Randy at Mike's

 Dustin a Pluckin'

 Nick shredding Guitar

 Nick again at Mike's

 The Randy Burghardt Band in Mike's

 Kind of a fuzzy pic, but Dustin Schulz on the Drums

 Randy and Dustin

 Halloween in Howard, SD

Randy Burghardt Band
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