Even though he is a hundred miles away, where his dreams began and every road can take him back is where it all started, at home. Home is a small farm residing near Fedora, SD. Fedora is a small town with one general store, one gas station, one church, and a population of 21. It all started with his grandmother singing in the Church Choir at the Presbyterian Church in town. That is where Randy got the spark to becoming a singer. Even in grade school Randy would invite his friends over and would pretend to be in a band in hopes of one day having a real band.

In 2002, Randy was attending sixth grade at Howard Elementary School. During the school year the school decided to have a talent show. Randy thought this would be a good start in pursuing his dreams in music. This was his very first time performing for a crowd, and remembers the first song he sang, “The One” by Gary Allan. Shortly after his little performance he decided to take up guitar with a hand me down Sigma M Martin guitar.

By 2004, at the age of fourteen, Randy started writing his own music. He shared his own music in various talent shows around the Eastern part of South Dakota. About two years down the road, Randy and one of his buddies from Bridgewater, SD decided to start up a band. The band name wasn’t established ‘til he met up with a classmate at Howard and called the band “The MidWest Rebels.” The band performed at many outdoor festivals also around the Eastern part of South Dakota. Later down the road they released a self-titled album. That same year the band moved to Brookings, SD where the band attended college at South Dakota State. The MidWest Rebels played at many college parties and were making plans to record another album until late 2009, where the band parted ways.

It didn’t stop Randy from keeping the dream alive. He kept writing music and performing acoustic shows between Brookings and Sioux Falls, SD. Early in 2010, Randy decided to take professional guitar lessons from his now producer, Gary Snow. During this time Randy thought it would be a good idea to release an EP, consisting of new songs that he wrote, and brought back a few “MidWest Rebel” classics.

After the release of his EP, Randy found members to begin “The Randy Burghardt Band.” The band was successfully playing venues from bars to large festivals, and even sharing the stage with acts such as Dustin Evans, Sherwin Linton, Kaila Tingle, and Melanie Koelhmoos. The Randy Burghardt Band played their last show in 2012, from there; Randy decided to move to Pierre, SD. Again, Randy played acoustic shows, but this time around the Black Hills. Later that year, Randy moved to Wyoming in hopes of new music opportunities. It wasn’t the easiest transition at first, however he made new connections. He started off by playing in Torrington, WY with a country artist, Troy Bullock. From there he accumulated a lead guitar player and bass player both originating from Torrington, WY. Soon later, they found a drummer out of Pine Bluffs, WY. The group now calls themselves Randy Burghardt & The High Plains Riders (HPR). Randy released his debut single, “Gate Opens Wide”, in late 2014 and was highly successful, making it on The County Line Radio Top 15 Most Requested. Today, the band is setting the bar high, to play more regional shows and release more original country music for you to enjoy.


Through the ups and downs, twists and turns, Randy’s dreams may have begun back home in South Dakota, but now living in Wyoming his dreams are becoming reality. Let the gate open wide!!

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